Box Hill Institute. Lilydale. – RECIPS Electrical

Box Hill Institute. Lilydale.

Lighting and audio visual installation for library. Building LB: Discovery Centre

Client had inherited a building which had been vacant for 3 years. They guttered it and turned a section into a community library, another into corporate conference facilities and other parts were converted into class rooms for their own use.

We fitted out an entire floor for a new state of the art discovery education centre.

Room set up required electrical systems to serve all aspects of the discovery centre, including D printers and robotics.

Services include:

  • Installation of Audio visual cabling to HDBASE T protocol
  • Lighting installation

Clients were happy with our problem solving and timely delivery.

What the client said:

“This project included a range of different electrical needs. Once again, we turned to RECIPS, as we know that they could do it all. And we were right. It was great just dealing with one Project Manager for all our electrical needs. This saved me time. We will continue to use RECIPS.”

Jamie Keating, Senior Project Manager

Domain National



Clovelly Aged Care

Steve Hallett. Project Manager- Becon Constructions

“It was important during our upgrade and extension that all our patients’ needs were met, and all our systems continued to operate. The RECIPS team worked with us, and our builders to ensure that disruption was minimised and our looming timeframes were met.


We’re happy to say the project was completed efficiently. We’re so happy with the work and professional nature of the RECIPS electricians.”