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Headset Returns

How to Send Your Headsets to RECIPS

Headset Order Form Headset Return Box Instructions

If you need to return your headset to RECIPS for repair, it’s easier than ever.

Simply download, print and complete the headset return form. And when you use the reply paid address and our Headset Return Box, there is no additional postage charges to send to our repair centre.

Using the RECIPS Drive Thru Headset Return Box

Using our Headset Return Box

Easily fits into a PO boxInstructions

  1. Locate or download and print your Headset Repair – Checklist / Order form
  2. Complete the Sender Name & Address section with your details.
  3. Place your headset/s in the box along with the completed Headset Repair – Checklist / Order form
  4. Record the tracking number for your records.
  5. Ensure your box is securely sealed.
  6. Dispatch your box with Australia Post
    • The box is designed to fit in the slot of any road-side letter box

You can also download these instructions to easily display as a reminder.

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