Box Hill Institute. Lilydale Campus. Re-opening – RECIPS Electrical

Box Hill Institute. Lilydale Campus. Re-opening

This commercial project included a critical time frame. All electrical works had to be completed during the summer holidays, so that the facilities were ready in time for the new school year.

Commercial Services included

  • Commercial lighting installation
  • Supplied and install a back-up generator to monitor lighting and climate control, so life support equipment for animals could continue to operate.
  • Lighting systems used for small animal studies, including animal holding areas. This lighting control system was designed to mimic daylight / night time cycles.
  • Installation of 30 EPSON projectors to classrooms, complete with controls and networking options
  • Installed data communication cabinets
  • Installed commercial power and data communication services
  • Ongoing program and generator maintenance

What our client said

“We were initially worried that this project would never be completed in the tight timeframe required. Thankfully, we had used RECIPS before, so when we approached them for this project, they assured us the timeframe was achievable. They managed the entire aspects of the specific lighting needs, and ensured our animal’s conditions were maintained.

RECIPS got the job done on time. This means our new facilities were ready to be opened on the first day of the new school year.”

Jamie Keating. Senior Project Manager
Domain National