Scouts Australia – RECIPS Electrical

Scouts Australia

Scouts Australia required a range of electrical upgrades and installs at their Fawkner Scout hall.

Services included:

  • Upgrade switchboard from old fuse board so they meet current standards.
  • New meter panels installed. We also liaised with electrical supplier and distributor for power connection.
  • Installation of exit lighting so they now meet current standards.
  • Hard wired smoke alarms installed for enhanced safety.
  • “Point of Attachment”  to the hall required replacing. The old facia was worn and rotten, lid was also damaged which presented safety risks.
  • Changeover existing lighting internally and externally to more energy efficient LED fittings.
  • Supply EEL manual.

The upgrades improved safety and effeciency of the halls’s electrical supplies. Our ongoing services will be performed which will  provide long-term, reliable and safe electrical services.

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