With rising power bills a hot topic in the media, this report on ABC’s 7.30, looks at a cause of high power bills that is rarely discussed.

Data obtained by 7.30 shows many customers are receiving voltages above acceptable limits at all times of the day. For electrical advice, they turned to our very own Dean for his experienced insight.

In this report, Dean shows a typical domestic customer and explains how they can easily save on their bills, without having to alter their electrical usage habits.

Watch Dean in the 7.30 report HERE!


How we can help you.

We have access to a range of energy management systems and power saving technology, including EnergyMate.

When installed, EnergyMate regulates incoming voltage to a set level for your business (house version is in testing). EnergyMate’s consistent voltage reduces stress on electrical equipment delivering savings on repairs and maintenance.

Are you paying more for your electricity simply because you are receiving higher voltage, rather than excessive usage? Speak to us for further information.

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