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    It’s easier to have your 3M drive thru headsets repaired with us. Plus reply paid postage is now included when you send your headsets to our repair centre. Now you don’t have to pay to for a postage satchel, a post pack, hunt around for stamps or book a courier. Simply use our...

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    Never spend time looking for a phone charger again!

    Having a full battery is now easier. Cables and chargers are not only annoying, they’re dangerous. When a never ending tangle of charging cables are making your office desk, kitchen bench or study a nightmare, wireless charging is the way forward. The trouble is, old wireless charging units looked,...

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    CCTV Systems – the often overlooked benefits.

    How many times a day do you think your image is captured on CCTV? With more and more property owners using this technology to protect their premises, the total figure is probably more than you think. It’s no secret that by installing CCTV at your premises will give you...

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    Electric Vehicle charging stations & their benefits to your cashflow.

    Even if you’re not thinking of updating your fleet to include electric vehicles (EV), chances are, you, your employees or customers are. While Australia lags a little on the uptake of electric vehicles, this trend is due to change – fast. Image: https://cleantechnica.com   According to myelectriccar.com.au, globally, it took...

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    If electric cars will cut costs, why does Australia lag in uptake?

    It is widely acknowledged that electric vehicles improve air quality, help address climate change, boost public health and are cheaper to run than conventional vehicles. Australia trails the world in the adoption of electric vehicles. Just 2284 were sold last year – 0.2 per cent of total vehicle sales....

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    How you can reduce the “handball” effect.

    Many large electrical companies use subbies. We don’t. All our electricians are RECIPS employees. RECIPS electricians have completed our extensive training and service programs. This means all projects are completed to our high standards, plus we’re in complete control of all our services and handle all of your questions...

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