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    Solar Power

    What do Solar Panel incentives really mean to you?

    There’s been a lot of hype about Solar Electricity in the news. The Victorian state election has increased the focus on renewable energy. The result is that the major political parties are promising a range of offers and rebates. While these promises are great news for renewable energy, the reality for...

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    With rising power bills a hot topic in the media, this report on ABC’s 7.30, looks at a cause of high power bills that is rarely discussed. Data obtained by 7.30 shows many customers are receiving voltages above acceptable limits at all times of the day. For electrical advice,...

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    The NECA Education & Careers Excellence Awards provides the electrical industry with the opportunity to celebrate our apprentices, trainees, students and host employers. NECA Education and Careers provides specialised Trade School or Group Training Organisation (GTO) to Australia’s future electricians. The “2018 NECA Education & Careers Excellence Award” were held...

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    CCTV Systems – the often overlooked benefits.

    How many times a day do you think your image is captured on CCTV? With more and more property owners using this technology to protect their premises, the total figure is probably more than you think. It’s no secret that by installing CCTV at your premises will give you...

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    Electric Vehicle charging stations & their benefits to your cashflow.

    Even if you’re not thinking of updating your fleet to include electric vehicles (EV), chances are, you, your employees or customers are. While Australia lags a little on the uptake of electric vehicles, this trend is due to change – fast. Image:   According to, globally, it took...

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    Are you still in the dark about completing this task?

    What would happen if your emergency exit lighting system failed? Apart from impending danger in an emergency evacuation, you could also have your certificate of occupancy revoked. The Australian standards require that emergency lighting be regularly tested, inspected and maintained. To ensure compliance, it is the responsibility of the business...

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