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Our Customers review the new Steinel Cam Light!

We recently installed a Steinel Cam Light for one of our customers and the feedback has been amazing. Some of the things they noted were it’s versatility and ability to operate at both their home and business; it’s stylish look and the peace of mind they received by always knowing who was at their home/business.

The camera features are easy to operate so people of all ages can use it. The camera sends an Automated Push Notification directly to your smartphone as soon as the sensor monitor detects movement and you can ‘live stream’ your home and business no matter where you are! The high definition camera offers you clear footage and the in-built, two-way communication system allows you to talk through the camera’s speaker. You can also have multiple users so your family and colleagues can all view the camera’s footage.

Follow this link https://youtu.be/Ho39PzXV4Lw to see this fantastic system in use!

The days of wondering what is happening at your home when you’re not there are over. Contact RECIPS now to have one of our qualified technicians install the Steinel Cam Light today.