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CCTV Systems – the often overlooked benefits.

How many times a day do you think your image is captured on CCTV? With more and more property owners using this technology to protect their premises, the total figure is probably more than you think.

It’s no secret that by installing CCTV at your premises will give you increased security. But the benefits of a professionally designed monitoring system gives you much more.


Today’s technology provides clearer images, cloud storage and these time, money and stress saving benefits:

  • Time saving: There are a number of app based controls that allow you to view footage [live and recorded] from your CCTV, wherever you want. This technology enables you to view vision from multiple sites – without having to visit each site to watch or review footage. This is a great time saver.
  • Save money: Many people overlook the OH&S benefits of installing CCTV. If an accident or incident occurs from a member of the general public, contractor or an employee, you have access to clear footage. This footage can protect you especially if he incident results in legal proceedings. Vision can safely be stored for future reference.
  • Protect your business: While the vast majority of employees do the right thing, sadly, some do not. CCTV does more than protect your business from break and enter theft, it can protect you from illegal “inside operations”.
  • Advanced image technology: Today’s CCTV produce high resolution images during daytime and clearer images at night. Operating technology can also include facial recognition and number plate recognition.
  • Advanced operations: CCTV systems now provide more services than image capture. A number of automated processes can be managed anywhere at any time, from your video management system, including opening of boom gates after hours via your mobile phone.

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