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Electric Vehicle charging stations & their benefits to your cashflow.

Even if you’re not thinking of updating your fleet to include electric vehicles (EV), chances are, you, your employees or customers are.

While Australia lags a little on the uptake of electric vehicles, this trend is due to change – fast.

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According to myelectriccar.com.au, globally, it took 5 years (60 months) before the first 1 million EVs were sold. The time to reach the 2nd million was just 17 months, a trend that keeps reducing for every million vehicles sold. Currently there are 4 million EVs globally.

It is now estimated that to jump from 4 million to 5 million will take a mere 6 months. There are many reasons for rapid uptake – more models available, reduction in battery costs leading to a decrease in EV purchase price, fuel economy regulations forcing the trend, wider acceptance by the public, greater range available in many models, more infrastructure in place….. the reasons are many but the direction is constant.


How this uptake may impact your fleet.

Consider the average age of Australian cars is 10 years. Within the next 10 years, more new cars [with a higher proportion of electric vehicles] will be on the road, increasing the demand for charging services.

Within 10 years, your fleet could very well all be electric vehicles. Installing charging stations now can also your fleet running costs and open up new income streams for your business.

Like all technology, over time, power increases while price reduces [remember when DVD players were a few thousand dollars – and all they did was play DVD’s]. In the foreseeable future, we believe the price of EV’s will become on comparable or cheaper to combustion vehicles. We’re already seeing rapid increases in distances traveled per charge [currently around 400km per charge]. With these advancements, EV’s and recharging facilities, will be in more demand than ever.


Hidden benefits of EV charging stations to your business – and cashflow

Many business and property owners have not considered the benefits of installing EV charging units at their premises. EV chargers can enhance your service offering by offering free charging for customers and employees, or it could be a new, chargeable service.

As with any infrastructure like EV charging stations, it’s far more economical and easier to incorporate these during the building or a renovation, however, this equipment has been designed for easy retro-fit to existing buildings, or during builds, wiring can be installed ready for connection at a later date.

To further enhance their EV charging stations, some companies are now incorporating renewable solutions to their premises to offset power usage of EV charging stations.

Our experienced team have established relationships with Australia’s leading EV charging manufacturers and can help you install the best solution  that will service your clients [and employees] electric vehicles now, and in the future. If you’re not sure of the facts, please give us a call!