IMPORTANT. All reply paid returns must include a tracking number! – RECIPS Electrical


IMPORTANT. All reply paid returns must include a tracking number!

Our new reply paid service makes returning headsets to our service centre easier and faster for you. It’s no wonder that this new service is proving very popular.

When sending your headsets to us, please use the Reply Paid label, on our website and ensure you include an Australia Post tracking number.

If you do not include a tracking number when returning headsets to us via our Reply Paid address, your parcel cannot be tracked.

If it is lost, we are unable to take responsiblity for it, nor will Australia Post.

If there is a tracking issue with any Reply Paid return to us, whether a tracking number is included or not, please contact Australia Post., as you’ll understand, we are not responsible for inbound parcels that do not arrive in our service centre, nor are we able to locate an inbound parcel that has not been delivered to our service centre.


It’s easy to use our Reply Paid Service:

  1. Simply download and print our new headset repair form
  2. Complete the headset repair form
  3. Use the reply paid address provided on our headset repair form AND include your Australia Post tracking number

We’re here to make life easier for you.

When you have a headset repair,

  • Call us and speak to our friendly staff and we’ll email you a copy of our headset repair form
  • Or print off copies of our headset repair form now, so they’re ready to use later!


Download  the RECIPS 3M Headset Return Spare Parts Order Form 

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