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Exit & Emergency Lighting

RECIPS Exit & Emergency Lighting

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Exit & Emergency Lighting

Most commercial buildings are required to have exit signs and/or emergency lighting. The Australian standards require that emergency lighting must be regularly tested, inspected and maintained.

To ensure compliance, it is the responsibility of the business owner, or tenant, to be aware of inspection and maintenance schedules. There are significant penalties for not having your emergency lighting tested and repaired.

We can conduct regular inspections and provide a certification of compliance for all repairs. We will complete and sign off relevant log books for you. We’ll also remind you when your next tests are due.

Monitored Systems

We can establish computerised, automatic monitored system testing, 90 minute discharge tests, which are automatically completed at 6 month intervals.

Results are automatically gathered for you, reducing your costs traditionally spent on testing and compliance.

Automated testing also results in fast identification of any faulty unit and potentially dangerous non-compliance.

Emergency Lighting Installation

Emergency lighting must be designed and installed to meet Australian standards.

From small offices, shops, warehouses, factories, carparks to large multi-campus education and medical facilities and retail outlets, RECIPS can design, install and monitor your emergency system to ensure it is working and compliant.

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