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Solar Power

Commercial Systems Installation

Solar is electrical work and should always be completed by qualified, commercial electricians – not a marketing or telemarketing representative.

Every solar installation represents a long-term investment. Long term, reliable relationships to maintain your investment are vital.  To maintain ongoing performance and safety, each panel should also be inspected and managed by qualified commercial electricians.

Using mains electricity is like paying rent – you don’t own it. By adding solar to your commercial property, we can help you control your power expenses.

RECIPS solar electrical systems exceed all current guidelines and standards. Our personalised service makes installing the correct system on commercial premises a breeze.

Our solar expert team will design a system that meets your needs. You will also receive information on any government incentives or rebates that may be available in your area.

Our services include:

  • Consultation and design
  • Selection of correct system to suit your needs
  • Installation, certification
  • Compliance Paperwork required by electrical distributor and retailer
  • Training
  • Independent electrical inspection
  • Prescribed certificate of electrical safety
  • Completion of Re-bate paperwork

We can also arrange optional power monitoring so you can understand your electricity usage.

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Once installed, most people do not monitor their bills nor understand if the system is working at its best – or at all! Solar panels are not a set and forget. Regular monitoring and maintenance of your solar system is necessary.

The RECIPS team have designed a range of service plans, conducted at agreed intervals, for commercial solar systems.

Solar maintenance plans include:

  • Regular inspection of panels, racking and cabling,
  • Cleaning of panels
  • Inspection and testing of hardware, including inverter and batteries
  • Advice on shading issues – including tress, new developments and services installed on rooftops, including air conditions and vents.
  • Detailed service report at the conclusion of each inspection

As new systems are released onto the market, we can provide upgrades to ensure your solar system is keeping pace with your growing needs.

Solar Battery Systems

With advancing technology and the cost of batteries reducing, connecting battery systems to solar systems is becoming mainstream. New systems can be set up so they have a battery now, or in the future.

Incorporating the correct battery can enhance your system. Here’s how:

  • Billing Improvements: Charge your batteries during off peak tariff times from the grid, and use during peak times
  • More power: Capture your free solar power and use during your peak times
  • Provides back-up power for essential services

Every solar system needs the correct battery to store and release your solar energy. Batteries help you cope with your peak and ongoing energy requirements. Our Solar experts will identify the correct battery for your needs.

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