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RECIPS Maintenance

Small Services or Reactive Maintenance Preventative Maintenance

Electrical & Data Maintenance

Regular monitoring and maintenance, on all electrical and data systems is necessary to ensure everything is performing effectively and is safe. To reduce the risk of failing at critical times.

The RECIPS team have designed a range of service plans. These are conducted at agreed intervals and help prevent unforeseen breakdowns.

Many commercial insurance companies require regular inspections to be completed by register electricians to meet their policy guidelines.

Regular inspections ensure your electrical systems are coping with changed demands, comply with laws and help prevent unforeseen breakdowns

Small Services or Reactive Maintenance

If something goes wrong, or you require urgent small installations, experience a break-down of your electrical services, our team is ready to help.


  • Burnout at circuit breaker
  • Tripping circuits


  • Faulty lighting
  • Additional lighting


  • Additional power points and/or power
  • Faulty and/or damaged power outlets
  • Loss of power
  • Temporary power supplies
  • Construction wiring – including temporary lighting and power
  • Generator system failure
  • Faulty and/or damaged data points
  • Faulty and/or damaged CCTV cameras
  • Additional data points
  • Additional CCTV cameras
  • Optical fibre faults
  • Optical fibre installations and/or relocations

Preventative Maintenance


  • Infra-red thermal scanning
  • Vacuum switchboards
  • RCD testing
  • Ensure switchboard schedules are in boards
  • Check circuit labelling in the field of power points etc.


  • Test exit and emergency lighting
  • Inspect and test lighting controls
  • Inspect general lighting and exterior/security lighting, make repairs as required


  • Inspect all power points, isolators and electrical equipment
  • Inspect and test safety stop switches
  • Clean solar panels and inspect/service the system
  • Battery power system testing/servicing
  • UPS testing
  • Backup generator testing/servicing
  • Test and Tag appliances


  • Vacuum and wipe down communications cabinet
  • Tidy and loom cabling to registers, printers, screens, computers, phones and bump bars
  • Clean, focus and inspect CCTV cameras, monitors and systems
  • Inspect and test security systems, access control systems, cabling, sensors, etc.
  • Inspect drive thru intercom system and headsets


  • Clean grills on exhaust fans
  • Clean filters/return air grills and air registers on AC units and heating units
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