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Conversions & Installations

Incorporating the latest LED Technology into your premises helps improve your profitability and reduce down time or maintenance.

Installation is straightforward. Our LED experts will…

  • Complete a detailed audit of your premises
  • Ensure the number and style of lighting is installed maximised the effectiveness of your update
  • Provide a prescribed certificate of electrical safety

You’ll receive a professional lighting design that suits your business needs. Conversions will be completed as swiftly as possible with minimal disruption to your work.

There’s more to a lighting upgrade than switching from old technology to LED Lights. We can also provide information on any government incentives or rebates that may be available in your area.

To further enhance your lighting upgrade, we can recommend a range of sensors and timers to further reduce your energy consumption and expenses.

Once your lighting upgrade is completed, we‘ll conduct a detailed walk-through with you, to verify completion and explain the benefits of each area.

Lighting Design

Correct lighting design in your office, warehouse, retail environments, car park and open spaces can increase productivity while enhancing safety and security. Safe lighting can also reduce your insurance and litigation risk.

We’ll evaluate your area and suggest the best lights to suit your environment. Our solutions can also dramatically reduce your power bills by up to 90%, while also helping to reduce your ongoing maintenance costs.

Our Lighting Design service includes:

  • Audit of your existing premises
  • Measuring light levels
  • Advanced lighting control options – including sensors & timers and automation if required
  • On time installation with minimum disruption
  • Prescribed certificate of electrical safety

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Ongoing Service

By having your lighting system regularly serviced, you reduce your Liability risk and conform to OH&S standards

If your lighting system suffers damage, from impact, flood or any other unexpected event, we can repair it for you – promptly. Once any repairs are complete, you’ll receive Electrical Safety certification

Our lighting experts can continue to provide regular inspections, to monitor performance, and provide servicing when required.
For ongoing lighting service, speak with us today